Installation in just 30 minutes. Delivered ready to connect - installed on time.

For the desired installation date an installation call-up is requested of our construction site manager approximately 8 - 10 days prior to delivery so that vehicles and personnel are deployed in good time.

Installation sequence

1. Prepare - align the support pads

Prior to delivery the support pads are aligned in accordance with the execution plan specifications in position and height on the storey ceiling. For the first installation detailed installation instruction is provided by our installers for installation personnel. The required material for preparing the support pads for the first bathrooms is delivered by the instructing installer with adequate lead time, or if necessary is sent to the construction site in advance. Other items are then delivered in flow with the bathroom deliveries. Alternatively, depending on the contractual agreement, the complete installation service and commissioning of a mobile crane can also be offered. Required installation equipment and tools, such as crane, leveling device, or laser marking and measurement tools (chalk-line, grease crayon or spray spray, measuring rod, tape measure and yardstick), crowbar 1.50 - 2.00 in length, angle grinder and bolt cutter must be provided by installation personnel.

2. Delivery - the prefabricated bathrooms are transferred directly from the truck into the building

Deliveries are executed with fully loaded truck-trailer or semi-trailers vehicles. Depending on weight and dimensions 5-8 bathrooms per truck are transported. In the case of surplus unloading, intermediate storage of the prefabricated bathrooms at the construction site is possible at suitable, stable storage locations in vertical position. Entry routes must be provided in suitable execution for semi-trailer vehicles that are commonly used in long-distance transport with a total weight of 40 tons and vehicle lengths to 20 m to the unload location. Transport safeguards, such as ratchet straps, etc. should only be removed at the unload location when the vehicle has come to a standstill. A suitable ladder or scaffold stairway must be used for attaching the loads or for hooking in the crane hook and the required safety equipment, such as PPE, anti-fall safeguards, etc. must be on hand. The ceiling of the Prefabricated bathrooms can be walked on to hook in the crane hooks; the ceiling can support a weight of up to 100 kg. The load must be checked for external transport damage at delivery and any damage must be reported to the freight carrier and documented on the delivery ticket.

3. Placing the Prefabricated bathrooms

The actual installation consists merely of lifting the bathrooms off of the truck and subsequently placing them on the prepared bearing points. After arrival and guiding of the delivery vehicles, the crane hooks are hooked into the 3 transport hooks of the Prefabricated bathrooms and the bathrooms are transferred directly from the truck onto the support pads on the slab floor in the building. The transport hooks are cut off after the position check with an angle grinder and an off-the-shelf corrosion-protection agent is applied.

That's it. Next bathroom.