It's clear - rely on AQUACEL Prefabricated bathrooms.

Well-thought-out solutions - design principle

Manufacturing and material

AQUACEL Prefabricated bathrooms are manufactured on specially-developed, diagonal formwork elements. These enable us, in most cases to manufacture the bathrooms of just 3 parts. Thus joining is reduced to a minimum. The individual parts are interconnected with an absolute non-positive fit through a special process. Thus an extremely torsion-resistant cube is produced that can satisfy the most rigorous stress requirements. Our Prefabricated bathrooms are made of high-quality, steel-reinforced concrete. The total weight can vary depending on the static requirements (lightweight concrete, standard concrete). The complete manufacturing is executed under controlled conditions in our plant in Neuwied.


The floor of the Prefabricated bathroom is adapted to the local screed height and is manufactured as a single part with a circumferential lateral upturn (tub). Absolute impermeability is guaranteed. Sloped formations (as floor-level shower-baths), such as in clinics and nursing homes, are possible in accordance custom specifications. Wall thicknesses of the bathrooms vary from 45 mm plus tile covering (approx. 8 mm) = 53 mm total thickness. Other wall thicknesses to approx. 150 mm are possible depending on the fire safety requirements and acoustic insulation requirements. The ceiling of the bathroom is 60 mm thick, standard, and can bear surface weights up to 400 kg/m². Circumferential wall upturns to the lower edge of the ceiling are possible, if, for example, piping must be routed above the bathroom ceiling (cable and media trays, or AC lines for fan coil, etc.).


The specifications in the standard DIN 1055 "Lightweight partition walls", are the basis for the static evaluation of our Prefabricated bathrooms. Including the bathroom ceiling the average wall weight is less than 100 kg/m². Thus, precisely as is the case for other lightweight extension constructions, a special surcharge for traffic load is not required.

Insulation / soundproofing

AQUACEL Prefabricated bathrooms are placed on special rubber pyramid bearings regardless of the installation situation. Between 4 and 6 bearing points are selected depending on size and total weight. Depending on the requirement the hollow space between the bare floor and the lower edge of the bathroom floor can be insulated with an additional rock wool or impact noise insulation board. As a rule, the Prefabricated bathrooms are manufactured room-high. Between the upper edge of the bathroom ceiling and lower edge of the storey ceiling an intermediate air space of 20 mm is provided. The prefabricated bath has no contact whatsoever with the building. In terms of acoustic insulation this "room-in-room" construction offers considerable advantages over the conventional construction method, since structure-borne noise is absorbed in the Prefabricated bathroom, and cannot be transmitted through adjacent masonry or ceilings into the adjacent room.

Fire safety

Depending on the requirement and necessity, through reinforcement of our walls the fire-resistance class as specified in DIN 4102 – F30 or F90 can be reached. The water supply and drainage piping in this case is executed in metallic piping depending - on the requirement. Additional cost savings and optimization for your project can be presented in a personal meeting. We would be pleased to work out an execution recommendation and quotation for your project - free of charge and non-binding.

Whether fire safety, acoustic insulation or statics. There is a solution for all requirements - Rasselstein Raumsysteme.