Reduction of construction costs
We guarantee a fixed price until the end of the construction period. There are no unforeseeable additional costs. Thanks to the highly-efficient series manufacturing of our bathrooms, an extremely economical price/performance ratio occurs. Thus our Prefabricated bathrooms contribute significantly to reducing construction costs.

Considerable reduction in construction time
Through the use of AQUACEL Prefabricated bathrooms, the overall construction time is verifiably reduced by as much as 3 months. For the owner this results in earlier flow of rental revenue, and for the contractors and general contractors this results in earlier discharge of construction-site personnel and release of construction site equipment. Profits can flow faster for all project participants.


a class by itself.

A single-source guarantee for approximately 10 trades
We guarantee a uniform warranty on all 10 trades within the Prefabricated bathroom. In the course of detail planning our specialists ensure that all materials used in the bath are matched.

Significant offloading of construction site management
The number of tradesmen on your construction site is reduced, thus the monitoring and construction site management activity is reduced. The correspondence associated with approximately 10 trades is reduced considerably through having one partner. Construction site management is available for other important tasks. There is less scheduling pressure to deal with.

Guaranteed quality
We guarantee uniform quality at the highest level. Constant quality controls ensure that AQUACEL Prefabricated bathrooms meet our strict internal standards.

More useable living space
Our Prefabricated baths can be manufactured with a wall thickness from 45 mm. the useable living space can be increased relative to conventional construction methods depending on the bathroom floor plan.

Watertight and acoustically decoupled
The complete floor is manufactured in one cast with a circumferential concrete upturn - and thus corresponds to a watertight bathtub. The Prefabricated bathroom is set up so that it is acoustically uncoupled from the building.