Trust is good.

Rasselstein is better.

Prefabricated bathrooms are manufactured in Neuwied in industrial series production on a plant area of approximately 53,000 m².

Individual. Rational. Cost-effective.

Our employees have in-depth expert knowledge - acquired over more than 40 years. They avail themselves of regular training and continuing education and present themselves as practice-oriented specialists in the area of concrete Prefabricated bathrooms. Their extensive know-how inspires our customers with new ideas and identifies possibilities for pursuing innovative paths and responding flexibly to special requirements.

As an attractive partner for Prefabricated bathrooms RASSELSTEIN has a good name throughout Europe.

This is a result not just only of "service right from the start", but is also due to the particularly flexible and cost-conscious solutions. Builders, architects, planners, contractors and general contractors in Germany and abroad increasingly rely on our Prefabricated bathroom solutions. Once AQUACEL - always AQUACEL. Naturally it is possible at any time to become acquainted with the advantages of our Prefabricated bathrooms in our Neuwied plant or directly on-site at one of our construction sites. Experience has shown that an abundance of valuable ideas and constructive solution approaches await you.